SIgn up confirmation email not sent

I have S2 Member Pro. I’m using PayPal Buttons these work fine with the PayPal payment going through OK, but the sign-up confirmation email is not sent and the user is not updated with a Paid subcr.ID

I have Post SMTP installed and email is working fine with the same email address as set up in S2 email configuration.

Post SMTP log confirms that the email is not being sent.

I had understood that as a paid subscriber I would be able to submit a support ticket, but this does not seem to be possible. Hopefully someone here can help.



Hi Ewan.

I understand. Thanks for the info.

Did you verify that the s2Member-PayPal integration is complete and correct? WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Options

Please enable s2Member’s logging and do a test purchase. Could you please show me the relevant entries from all the log files?

I look forward to your update :slight_smile: