Shortcode issue


The shortcode does not work when included in a Bootsrap see image of page.
Is there a work around for this as I would prefer not to hard code in a page template.

Hi Brian.

Not sure I understand where you’re trying to use it. Could you explain it a bit more? Can you use other shortcodes there?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here is the Bootstrap code I’m using in a page:


[s2If current_user_is(s2member_level4)]
If you are an administrator you will see some links here

Edit your profile

[s2Member-Profile /]

The s2Member-Profile short code works ok - the profile is displayed in the tab, But the s2If just displays as text as shown in the image.

Any ideas (I`m not sure how to show code in this message)?

You can use Markdown here, e.g. put code inside backticks.

What are you calling bootstrap code? A PHP page you created with some code? Or is it a WP page? Or a PHP page in a WP theme you’re creating?

I guess you have some way of parsing shortcode if the other one got parsed. It’s very strange that one would get parsed and the other not.

You could check if the s2If shortcode is registered.