Shop & Membership Login URL Redirection Issue

Hello friends,

I will really appreciate and will be thankful if someone can quickly help me this issue.

My site has both Shop (Woocommerce) and Membership area (s2Member pro). I am using ONE login form for both the modules. When I login with the membership credentials, it works fine as I land on the Welcome Page as intended. And, when I login with Shop (Woocommerce) credentials, the welcome page redirects me to the s2Member’s “Membership Options” page, which is not I want. Then I have to go to My Account dashboard and access my Shop account.

What I tried for the Shop Login Redirection:

I tried the Peter’s Login/Logout Redirect plugin to land me on the default “My Account” page on my shop dashboard. I selected the Customer role option and input the correct My Account URL for the landing destination. But it didn’t work.

I also tried Woo Login Redirect plugin and again this one also didn’t help me.

It looks like S2Member login bypasses both the plugins and landing me on the “Membership Options” page even though I login using the woocommerce credentials.

What I need help with:

I want to use one single Login form as I mentioned above, but upon login, I want the shop and membership users to be directed on their respective landing dashboard pages. In other words, I want the shop customer to land on the Woocommerce My Account default dashboard page. And the membership user to land on the welcome page that I have set as per s2member guidelines.

Between, the URL of the login page is like this:

Please let me know where I am missing and what I need to fix.

Thanks much in advance,