Setting new password / reset password after activation email - Stripe registration

I have encoutered strange behaviors in reset password form after activation email after Stripe free member registration.
I set “send each user a password-setup link after registration” in s2member settings.

After clicking the activation link:

I get form with 2 fields. When I fill first field called “New pasword” and try to fill “Confirm new password” field - the first filed is cleared and I can’t write in the secound field.
It looks really strange.

Please help.

That’s very odd…

wp-login.php is a WordPress file, that form is not controlled by s2Member.

I suspect that some other plugin may be introducing that problem… I suggest that you try reproducing it in a test installation with just s2Member to see if you can still get that behavior. Could you do that?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can try. I already have turned off the s2Member to see how this will work. The form is looking good and all is working perfect. I will let you know what are the results with new installation.

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The same problem with new installation. Please check my test web at I have set open registration. After registration, following activation link from mail I have encountered the same strange form behavior.