Set up stripe pro forms on a new site and not receiving site email confirmations

I set up a new wordpress with s2member pro version and started live testing(NOT in test mode) for new subscribers. I created 1 account using a spare email and all went through. A new customer was created, the payment was taken and all the details were correct in stripe. The subscriber is listed in the site user file. I double checked and can confirm that there is an example of the signup confirmation email in the stripe config pages and I didnt’t change those, thinking that this would be what is sent out…

I get confirmation of payment from stripe on both the subscriber profiles that I created, but, I do not get anything from my site-s2member. Nor do either of my customers in their email accounts.

I spent about 20 min with stripe just to verify that there end is working and it is. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Just to let you know, I did check spam on all associated emails :upside_down_face: . And the site is returning confirmation emails of password resets to both admin and test subscriber - but not the signup email confirmation that would have included how to actually get a password to the site.

Make sure to not use any public URL shortener. Maybe your email sender prevents sending of the actual email (e.g Gmail does this). So set up your own shortener.

This does not resolve it. I have tried using my own account info and I have also gone back to the tiny,url service. In test accounts, I have used different gmail accounts and in all cases, I am notified by stripe that a new account has paid, I receive verification to my gmail admin account that a new customer has just signed up, but in all cases, no matter what url shortener is used, the customer does not receive their notification email with a password set link… of any kind really. Thank for any help I can get on this.