Seperate membership signup page for CCAP

Hi guys, i am trying to create a post on my wordpress that needs a free subscription.
The thing is, when someone clicked the post that only requires a free subscription, they are taken to the paid membership signup page.

Is there any way that I can make a page that contains a CCAP direct to the free membership signup page if the user does not have the ccap required to access that page?

I started reading about mob vars but got lost.

You can maybe consider using shortcodes with ccaps. Have some content (like an exceprt) available for not logged in visitors with a link to either log in (if they forgot) or register an account (free). Then, on the same page, using also the shortcode, display the full content if the visitor has the proper access.

I have that set up on my site. Here is one post like that:

I have no paid subscription on that site.