Selling/Using Gift Certificate

I am looking for a simple/complete tutorial on how to create this. The information in the Knowledge Base seems to be gone.

From what I understand:

1- I need to make a form to sell an amount (ex: $50) to Person A to be applied to a certain membership (or Buy Now) purchased by Person B.

2- I need a page where the code will be generated to Person A, so they can send that code to Person B

3- I need a form that accepts coupons, to be used (likely) by Person B.

That seems to be a simplistic way but although I can do #1 and #3, I am not sure how to create #2.
Any help would be appreciated.


For #2, do I need to create a separate page for each of the three gift certificate values ($50. $100, and $250)? And then add a success = directing to them?

After many hours, I think I have things set up correctly:

Step 1- A checkout page where Person A will choose the amount and pay (page here)

Step 2- Person A is redirected to a Success page HERE, while waiting for an email. By default it was staying on the same page, making the purchaser unsure if the transaction was successful or not.

Step 3- Person A gets an email and will be directed to a protected page, with a code

Step 4- Person A will send the code to Person B who can use it on a special checkout page that accepts the specific coupon (page HERE)

Now, another problem I am facing is that when I test a $5 or $10 gift certificate, it charges only $0.50. Out of five tests, only one charged $5, while the other four charged $0.50. I have no idea why.

Carole, I’m curious to know how you’re generating the codes to sell. Is it being created on the fly? Are they preexisting codes you email out?

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It was a bit convoluted to create the whole sequence, but here it is, for anyone else who might be looking for it.

Step 1: create a page where the coupon code will be displayed. Then, go to Restriction options > Specific Post/Page Access Restriction, and indicate the ID for that page at the bottom of that section.

Step 2: use the shortcode from Pro Coupon Code and put it on that page.

Step 3: create a button/form to purchase Specific Post/Page (Buy Now) form/button on a different page, while selecting the specific page you set in Step 1

Step 4: Create a checkout form that will accept coupons to sell your product.

So, the way it will work is that Person A will buy a gift certificate. Once successful, Person A will get an email with a link to the protected page where they will get a code that can be sent to Person B. And Person B will be able to use the code.