Selling a gift certificate for first year free

I found this post:

which is helpful for understanding how to create a coupon code that provides the first year free but subsequently switches to being billable.

Now, how would I go about selling this coupon code to a customer? The customer wishes to buy a gift certificate to give someone else, that will give them the first year free and then bill them.

Would I use Gift/Redemption Codes? Create a 100% discount code that is ta-only? How would I go about selling that code then?

In a perfect world, someone would be able to say “I want to buy 10 gift certificates for my friends”, receive the 10 codes and distribute those to their friends, who would go to the site and order membership like a normal user, and plug in their code to get their first year free.

Is this possible?

You could create a single-use coupon for the membership .

You could then create a “Membership Gift Certificate” (MGC) product that returns the single-use coupon in the email returned to the MGC product purchaser on successful payment.

This assumes you only have one membership type. If you have a number of membership types that the MGC purchaser can select from then it gets more complicated since you need to offer a membership gift chooser for the MGC purchase and then ensure the correct single-use coupon is put in the payment completion email.