Security Badge is invisible

I’ve read about the Security Badge, and have gone through the checklist to try to make it so that value=1, including enabling the badge in General Options. The image of the badge appears in this S2Member General Options page of Admin Panel, but when I try to place the shortcode for it on my site, then it’s invisible. This is the shortcode I place in site: [s2Member-Security-Badge v=“1” /] Hovering over the link with mouse shows that something is there, and when I click on it a new small window pops open, but that small window is empty. I confirmed this with 3 different browsers.

So, I’m just trying to get it to appear as a symbol on my site. Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong?
Incidentally, despite my best efforts, I also can’t get the value to equal 1. I’ve gone through whole checklist, including deleting all log files and disabling logging. I am having trouble passing the S2 Server Scan, but that’s not actually on the checklist, and seems to be an obsolete test anyway.

Thank-you for your help!

In my dim distant memory I think I took it off our website because it uses flash and that’s not supported any more. I could be remembering it wrong, but that would explain things.

Thanks, Tim, I did run across a reference to Flash, but didn’t know that was the issue. Okay, good advice to just leave it off! (though I’d still like to get a value of 1)

It does seem a shame that it doesn’t work any more - somehow anything which can give confidence to members is a good thing. Flash was a strange choice for the functionality in hindsight. Oh well. More important things are badly broken in S2 member and so this isn’t high priority.