Searching for the easiest way to allow members to post in (limited) categories

The “membership” topic is relatively new for me - I have read the S2 documentation to assess whether I can implement a certain project on Wordpress with this plugin.

I can’t get any further with this issue:
For a certain project, members should have the opportunity to post contributions.

These posts are limited to cathegories like:

  • short internal messages
  • Job offers

What is the easiest way to enable logged in members to post contributions in restricted categories in the frontend, without assigning editor-rights to them? How can I do this?

Options for editing and deleting aren’t needed. This can be done by an Wordpress-editor or admin.

A plugin can also be used - the most important thing would an idea and the procedure.

I am grateful for every hint! Please excuse the clumsy wording, I’m not a native speaker.

Best regards and many thanks,

Hi Hans.

You could give editing capability to the s2Member Level roles editing the role with something like the User Role Editor, but that wouldn’t restrict it to certain categories only.

s2Member doesn’t give users editing capabilities. You’ll need another plugin for that. Especially if you want them to do it from the front end.


Hi Cristián,
thanks for the reply.
It’s Ok that members don’t have user rights and I guess it’s better to leave it this way.

I thought of a workaround like this:
A Form element (built with something like “User Submitted Posts” or “Gravity Forms”) set inside the protected (member) area.
(No upload, no images, just a few text fields and a date field, locked cathegory - HTML, PHP, Javascript format disabled as much is possible to reduce injection risk)

To enhance security a little, this could be set in a conditional tag like

[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]
form element here
(inside a page or in a template itself).

I know that’s not perfect, but do you think it’s safe enough if an editor controls posts at regular intervals?
Or better: Enables posts after checking (though it wouldn’t be someone with HTML/programming-Skills in the normal case)?

Maybe logged-in username could be set in as an author (or similar) with php - but that’s a “nice to have” ,not really needed.

By the way: This won’t become a high traffic site with high google ranking - it’s a very special topic and a rather small community.

Thanks and best regards,

That sounds like a simpler approach, yeah. Worth exploring. A developer can customize the bits you can’t figure out yourself.

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will try it this way.