Searchable Map of Users

My users/members will have their addresses in the system. I need a searchable map to be publicly available on the site to find users/members by physical address and display them on a map.

Is there a plugin that can integrate with s2member to achieve this?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I do have exactly the same question !


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Hi, I know it’s two years later but I would like to know if a solution is available for this? I’d like my members to be searchable by distance if a searcher inputs a city or UK postcode. Is there some sort of plugin that can link to the member database? Thanks

s2member leverages the standard WordPress user database. So any Geo / mapping plugin that works with WordPress will work for you.


NOTE: Custom s2member user fields may not show up in the map since those fields are stored separately from the standard WordPress user fields. They would show up only if the Geo plug-in specifically integrated with s2member.

NOTE2: You can take advantage of some of the s2member-specific user fields indirectly. For example, you could show a different map for different subscription tiers or Custom Capabilities by wrapping the Geo shortcode with a S2IF shortcode (see

Hi Tim
Firstly, thanks so much for your input. I should have said that I’m just exploring s2member and haven’t yet built my member site. I’m also pretty inexperienced in Wordpress, having only built a couple of sites using templates, so I’m on a steep learning curve!

I’ve taken a look at those geolocation plugins but all (?) of them seem to use IP address for location of the site visitor, which in the UK would be very imprecise (e.g. my IP is 400 miles from my actual location).

I’m looking to display the location of the nearest members to a location that is inputted by the visitor in a search box. For example “Show me members that are within 5/10/15 miles of [type city name or postcode]” or alternatively “Show me members in order of distance from [input city or postcode]” Thinking about it, the map is a nice to have, but displaying a list of members in order of distance is more important.

I guess if members have to input their postcode into their profile that would be a custom user field, rather than a standard WP user database field?

In which case, your first note phrases my question more succinctly: which geo-plugin can be integrated with s2member?

Any insights or experiences gratefully appreciated.

That’s as far as I can help. I have never deployed something like what you are considering. It would be a privacy / security nightmare and prone to liability. Example: the abusive spouse of one of your members finds out they are a member, joins…then gets their location. There are lots of examples like that one. I hope you have strong liability insurance and operate under the shelter of a limited company!

Hi Tim, I understand your point and clearly something I need to include in the membership T&Cs. The membership site is for professional coaches to advertise to potential clients. They won’t have to put their home address, just a location they operate. It’ll be similar to Gumtree in the way it identifies proximity.

Ah…ok…I thought it was some sort of club.