Script integrates with Hotmart easily

Hi Cristinán,

I have a script that integrates the platform To process all my payments and it works great with S2MEMBER.

I would like to share this code snippet for you to natively integrate with S2MEMBER.

Can you integrate it with S2 in an upcoming update?

Let me know I’ll send you the code snippet.

Thanks !

Hi Robert,

That’s very nice of you! I’d love to take a look at it.

I can’t promise it’d be in the next release, but I can promise I’ll review and test it, and see what I’d need to do to add it.

How is your idea of using the integration? What is your particular use case that made you create that integration?


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First, with this integration I can offer customers the most varied forms of payment in my country.

It has a huge variety of options, as well as being one of the largest payment and digital marketing networks in South America.

Believe me, with this integration you will have many customers from America, they only use Hotmart.

It is one of the best and most seen.

They can pay via card (debit and credit), bank slip or pix.

It is very easy to integrate the script with the S2MEMBER api, I hired a developer to create it and it works very well…

And I would like to share this with you and everyone who uses the S2.

In addition to the user having much more autonomy and an excellent Panel.

It’s perfect! Much better than stripe and PayPal.


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Olá Robert.

Muito Obrigado :slight_smile:

I reviewed the script quick, and it looks good for a start. I see you’re using the s2 Pro Remote Ops API, Nice.

At first glance I see a few things missing. As it is, it won’t work to upgrade an existing user, but it can be added. Doesn’t handle multiple levels/ccap yet, but can be added. It also needs an interface in admin.

It works as a hack, of course, so it’s not ready for release yet, but it’s promising.

I will look into Hotmart’s API documentation, and see how it could be brought into s2. I was looking at another similar solution for payments, but didn’t know about Hotmart. You put it high in my list.



Hi Cristinán,

I can use it at all levels with S2, I just need to make some adjustments in the WORDPRESS function.php.

Yup. And it works great for my projects.

HOTMART is one of the largest digital marketing companies, mainly in North and South America.

It gives you several payment possibilities in a single Gateway.

Through it I can offer a variety of payment options.

Here in Brazil, 98% of payments are made through HOTMART.

Glad to hear you liked it, looking forward to the integration.

And I guarantee you, you will get a reward, I will promote S2member and you will have a lot more sales


I am at your disposal.

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