Same paypal button s2member free/pro out of order?


I buy today the PRO version of S2member,

the code [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=“1” ccaps="" desc=“abonnés 4 semaines - Abonnement:4 sem.” ps=“paypal” lc="" cc=“EUR” dg=“0” ns=“1” custom=“localhost:8888” ta=“0” tp=“0” tt=“D” ra=“39.00” rp=“1” rt=“M” rr=“0” rrt="" rra=“1” image=“default” output=“button” /]

who works on the FREE version doesnt work on the PRO.

the direct message from the SANDBOX PAYPAL is:
This function is disponible only for BUSINESS or PREMIER ACCOUNT.
in french is :
“Cette fonction est disponible uniquement pour les comptes Business et Premier.”

Any idea ?

thank you very much

Buttons are the same in Pro as they are in the free version.

Did you change your PayPal Options in any way when you installed s2Member Pro?

This may be something PayPal has implemented in your location or it may simply be an issue with the sandbox (it has many). Have you tried a live button? If so, and you are receiving the same message, you need to contact PayPal.

thank you.
i resolve the problem.
Im in local MAMP with the SANDBOX paypal.

the message “This function is disponible only for BUSINESS or PREMIER ACCOUNT”
appear when we are logged on ADMIN and we tried to pay pn the paypal button.
il we do the test on the page without login (or in other navigator)
thats not hapenning !
this information was clear viewing
in the S2MEMBER LOG files(debug) :blush:

[5] => Unable to modify Subscription. The existing User ID is associated with an Administrator. Stopping here. Otherwise, an Administrator could lose access. Please make sure that you are NOT logged in as an Administrator while testing.

Thank you

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