S2members to mailchimp list?

I had two quick questions.

  1. Is there no way to sync s2member levels with specific groups in a Mailchimp list?

I had an s2member level tracked to a group at s2member -> api/listservers - > mailchimp integration

with this typed in:

2198aa16ac::Group Title::QAB Academy Members:QAB Academy Member Level 2

Is this correct?

  1. Is there a way to avoid having members confirm optin to list after starting a membership?

I can’t seem to find a solution.



Hi Mark.

The s2 integration with Mailchimp is not bidirectional, only from s2 to MC. There’s a 3rd part add-on for it by @krumch, though.

For single opt-in, see: https://s2member.com/kb-article/double-opt-in-checkbox-config/#toc-2f49cec7


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