S2members and Learndash

Hi Folks, am using the s2member Pro version to restrict access to BuddyPress pages which all worked well but there’s a conflict with Learndash in that the plugin for some reason hides the COURSE CONTENT list found at the bottom of Learndash Course pages for logged out users. Strange thing for s2Member to block! Anyone got any ideas about this?

It’s definitely the s2member plugin doing this as when I deactivate it, voila, the Course Content list comes back up again for logged out users. I’m not actually using s2member to block the Learndash content at all, I’m using the Learndash system to allow users access to courses. I’m using the BuddyBoss theme and am on s2member 201225 + s2Member Pro v200301

Hi Bodhed.

Hmm… From what you tell me, I’d suspect this setting: WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options > Alternative View Protection

Try unchecking some of those, and test after each to see if the behavior changes, please. I’d probably start with the Navigation Menus one.


Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Amazing - thanks so much, that’s fixed it. I do much prfer s2member over several more expensive plugins in the fact is utilises User Roles rather than some bespoke restrictions bound to the particular plugin (e.g. Paid Memberships Pro, WooCommerce Memberships, etc.)

On a separate subject, I can’t see a way to send users after logging out to specific pages conditional to s2member role levels, or am I missing something?

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s2 doesn’t have a setting for that, no. I wouldn’t be impossible to achieve with some customization to the logout link, though. Or you could use the wp_logout hook, and have the redirection logic based on the role/capability. https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_logout/

Here someone wrote an example hack to customize the logout redirection using that hook. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/logout-with-redirect/#post-10408893

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: