S2MemberList and s2Get Search by Labels and Display Labels Not Values

I have a custom S2Member Field with multiple responses possible. Assume the general field is Fruit and then I have the following name–>value pairs:
Gala Apple | 001_gala_apple
Concord Grape | 004_concord_grape
Clementine Orange | 007_clementine_orange

The S2Member shortcode S2MemberList provides search capabilities for such data. So, the member can type the search code and return matching results.

BUT, S2MemberList seems to (in my testing) search for the value in the value of the name–>value pair, not the label. This forces the members to search for gala_apple rather than Gala Apple.

  1. Is there a way to search for the labels as well?

Second, the s2MembeList shortcode displays the matches. Assuming the search usage above (e.g., using gala_apple), this then displays the value “001_gala_apple” in the display rather than the label “Gala Apple.” I want it to display the label instead. Note, the member might have multiple fruit in its custom field.

  1. Is there a current way to alter the display to show Gala Apple label (and the rest of the associated fruit for this member) rather than the value?