S2member wpengine .htaccess NGINX Broken

Hi WPSharks,

WPEngine.com has eliminated .htaccess files and as a result this has broken my s2member site that is both using s2member to display and download files to members from mp3 and mp4 files stored on s3 storage protected by s2member.

I have reached out to WPEngine and their support team needs to know what to do with NGINX and any other setting changes to allow s2member to be fully functional…

Please reach out if you have already solved this problem with WPEngines new Policies. I have been trying everything I can for days to try and solve this problem, so I can get back on track.

in Gratitude,

Hi! I don’t know how the product you use works but NGINX doesn’t use .htaccess, only apache (unless you installed a very specific implementation to provide support, but it’s something so uncommon it’s unlikely).