s2Member vs Memberpress

Just curious if anyone has tried Memberpress as an alternative to s2Member. From my research so far, Memberpress offers everything s2Member offers and more, although at a considerably higher price.

Memberpress also appears to have a migration tool that they claim can migrate members from virtually any other membership plugin over to Memberpress. Has anyone tried it?

There is no tool that carries over subscriptions, because it would need to implement the subscription system of an old system.

Nearly all membership plugins work on items, not on time. S2member works mostly on time, ccaps can be used for items. So that makes a huge difference.

According to the email I received from Memberpress, they say that as long as the old payment gateway is using Stripe, PayPal or Authorize and your users have an active subscription to one of these gateways, you can import a subscription CSV to give users access and a transaction CSV to have their subscriptions remain active in Memberpress.

They have info about it here: https://docs.memberpress.com/article/48-migrating-overview

I did read through your comments about Memberpress from 2018, but maybe they have improved things since then. For the price, I would expect so.

Well give it a try and report back. What about download protection? Is memberpress easily able to use them similar to S2?
I don’t really remember but 3 years ago only optimize was compatible and an outright mess with no one understanding the code on the support team. I still have problems for going thrivecart and optimize back then and think thrivecart is still a mess with taxes and EU Vat laws.

Well better check all those problems I had back then before actually moving, and see what it does… can you by now sell for different amounts of time in one checkout form? Are downloads okay? And so on. Please report back but yes memberpress is an option should S2 one day become incompatible without a fix. The memberpress code base was even worse to me for structure and reading than S2. And S2 is a copy pasted mess in quite some aspects.

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I’m still looking into Memberpress. Not making the leap until I’m more comfortable, but my gut tells me s2Member is going to stop working one day soon, especially if those upcoming PayPal changes prove to be a problem.

One of my main concerns with Memberpress is download protection, especially with Amazon AWS since that’s where my files are hosted. But from what I’ve read, they do offer AWS support with protected files.

They actually have a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/MemberPressPlugin) with videos covering lots of topics. I just haven’t had the time to watch many of the videos yet, but I hope to watch a lot of this weekend.

By the way, the wpsharks domain expires on the 27th of this month. I’ve messaged Cristian about it but no response. So we may be losing this forum, which is another reason I think it’s time to abandon this ship.

Oh damnit. Well it would be quite a disaster not being able to look up old things. I hope he has auto renewal activated. I always hoped for a proper business model instead of buy once…
I bought S2 member 3 times actually for supporting. But any complex plugin needs a stable income

I would gladly pay a yearly fee for s2Member if it meant the plugin was being worked on and updated. Which is why I think Memberpress, with a substantial yearly fee, would be much more reliable. There’s no incentive to locking yourself into a lifetime of support for a one-time fee. The original s2Member developers abandoned it, and now it seems Cristian has done the same.

Funny how a subscription-based plugin like s2Member doesn’t understand the value of subscriptions.

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Looks like the wpsharks domain has been renewed, so at least we’ll still have this forum.

I am reading the forum every day just to check if Cristian came back. Has s2member been abandoned again?
I would gladly pay an yearly fee to see it maintained.

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I have talked to Cristian just a few days ago, and he has not abandoned s2M at all. He is just working in the backend.

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Great to hear! But he could pop on here from time to time just to let us know he’s still around. Especially when people are asking if an upcoming PayPal change is going to cause problems. As the saying goes, the silence is deafening.