S2Member Update - Pro is gone

I love S2Member, I really do. I absolutely loath it when there’s an update because it scares me to death whenever there is. I have never had a problem with an update till now. Here is what happened.

I updated via dashboard, when it finished my S2Member Pro is not listed in the plugins on wordpress. I then immediately went to my FTP and my s2member-pro directory is there, but there doesn’t seem to be very much in there.
I hope my configurations are not gone.

On my dashboard it says Your s2Member Pro Add-on must be updated to v200221., however when I go to the s2Member website the only downloadable plugin version for Pro is v191022…

All other plugins and the wordpress version is up to date, 5.3.2.
Can someone please help me.

I just logged into the s2Member website and I definitely see the 200221 Pro version for download. Both the Framework and the Pro versions are there.

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Ya they are now. I swear to you they were not when I did an update. Wow, what a cluster…

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Hi Joe.

I’m very sorry you had that scare. I wonder if you tried it in the 3 minute window between me finishing the WordPress org upload, and the upload of Pro to our server. I will make this gap even smaller next time.

I am looking at how to improve the whole install and update experience. This release includes a small improvement for Pro, for example.


I won’t worry about it too much, the odds of it happening have to be so small. I had to hit it at the exact right time, because it updated the core to the correct version just not the Pro and when I went to the s2member website it still had the old version listed. I then immediately came to the forum to see what was going on and made my post. Shortly after that I went back to the tab in my browser where the page was and hit refresh and the new versions were on there. So I then went to my sites wordpress, put my credentials in for s2member and everything worked like it was supposed to. I wish my odds for winning the lottery were that good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks again!