S2member Stripe / Webhook API Version

I am having difficulty having STRIPE PRO FROM working with my third party app (that sends customers serial numbers.

Their response was Your Wordpress Stripe subscription buttons are using the old Stripe APIs as fields are coming back empty. Stripe did a MAJOR upgrade to their Subscription APIs recently which we integrated with Safe Activation"

Raw Payment Data Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 17:38:37 +0000
Stripe:{ “id”: “evt_1IfTiaIRnXQPkN7cr5dsDbUc”, “object”: “event”, “api_version”: “2018-02-28”, “created”: 1618249115,

Can you please check on your webhook API provided for stripe, It needs to be updated to 2020 version. This is urgent for us.

Thank you

Please disgregard this. We have it working.