S2member Stripe Billing Methods

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Thank you so much for running this. I just updated to S2member Pro and am having problems. I have activated my stripe proform, but the credit card options arent showing up in the billing methods section. It appears that the code for it is there but it isn’t appearing on the front end. I am newer to web design I appreciate any help you can give thank you. I have attached a pic below for reference.

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Provide us with a copy of the proform shortcode you are using to take a look at


Thank you for responding to my post. Here is a Jpg of my shortcode. If you can help that would be amazing!44%20PM

Shortcode looks fine. Your initial screenshot of the billing form looks normal. What is it you are expecting that is not happening?

Thank you for your quick response. There is no dropdown menu to select a card in the Credit card box. And no where to enter a credit card number.

Your screenshot has the “Credit or debit card” box. Expiry and CVC appears on the right of the box. That is where the info goes. There is no dropdown menu for credit cards as far as I am aware.

NOTE: I have experienced some input issues using Safari on a Mac. Otherwise it works fine though the UI is very plain.

I am using chrome. On my front end there is nothing to the right of the box

Also, here is a link to the site to check it out. I really appreciate your help.


I compared your form with one that works. There is an iframe in the working form. The problem you are having is probably the usual WordPress issue which is that iFrames are stripped.

Thank you for finding out the cause. What would be the best way to fix this?

A lot of themes have a [raw][/raw] shortcode for this purpose. It prevents iframes from being stripped.

Not sure if you have put this shortcode in a gutenberg shortcode block. If so, switch to an html block instead.

I just tried putting it into an HTML block and it was still having the same effect.

You need to give yourself unrestricted html powers.

Install https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ and give yourself unrestricted html powers. Do not give this power to non-administrators.

NOTE: Your theme is claiming WP5.4.1 compatibility but also says it was last updated in 2016. I would check that with the author. Although this is technically feasible it would only be possible on an old version of PHP. WordPress is pushing php V7.3 / V7.4 and only themes updated recently would be able to claim compliance with the newest php levels. Unrelated to your issue…just thought you should be aware. See https://themes.bavotasan.com/themes/matheson-pro-wordpress-theme/


Thank you so much for all of your help. I uploaded the app and I already had unrestricted html powers. The credit card section still isn’t working. My theme is working on a PHP V7.3 but I am thinking of changing themes to see if that will work unless you have any other recommendations. If not what themes would you recommend forS2member and Buddypress?

Contact your current theme support and raise an issue that iframes are being stripped. Also raise an issue with your hosting provider. They might be stripping iframes.

Hi Tim,

I changed my theme and am still having the same issue. Do you have any other recommendation? I also contacted my hosting site and they said all looks good on their end. Thank you so much for your help on this.

It might be your buddypress / bbpress. Have a chat with their support.

See https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/allow-html-from-users/