S2member setup https://yahadeasttn.org

Hello. My brain is a bit fried on this issue. Forgive me if I don’t provide all necessary information. I will do my best to give you all you’ll need to help me.

This is my setup. I have installed s2member. I was using Ultimate Member before. It worked well enough, but, caused issues for my editor.

I have one page in particular I’d like to appear in the menu and not be accessible if you are not logged into the site. Right now, if you go to https://yahadeasttn.org/initiates-only
you can see the page and everything on it. I did set level zero or greater access on that particular page. I have also added a custom roll, yahadmembers, for that page to be accessed.

How can I set up s2member such that the page is seen in the menu? How can I set it up so that when people who are not logged in click on “Initiates Only” and are told that they do not have access to this content? I think that will get me started.

I’m further along now. I created the pages I was asked to creat. NOw, no one can see that page without being logged in. Might still need help with those other quesitons I asked.

To let the page show up in the menu while being protected, you need to adjust this setting a bit: WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction > Alt. Views

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

This plugin might help. https://wordpress.org/plugins/nav-menu-roles/