S2member PRO (multiple sites Lic) hijacks home page and displays membership options

We had s2member Pro, upgraded that to multiple site license

Suddenly, s2member seems to be hijacking the home page - it is showing the membership options page as the home page.

The home page is NOT set to membership options
All caches cleared multiple times

After the load the URL displayed is


Can not figure out what is going on!

Oh, and if logged in as admin and load the site in a new tab, it shows the correct home page.

IF I change the membership options selection s2 to a different page - THAT page is displayed instead of the home page,

We have turned OFF open registration. No free members.
IF we turn it on, problem still exists
IF I deactivate s2member, NO PROBLEMS - page works correctly.

Running version 221103

[Update - though I am not sure anyone is reading this :)]

This issue is on all 20 sites where we have s2member Pro.
ALL of them. But, if we change in WordPress settings to a
different page as the front/home page, the problem vanishes!
the ‘new’ page displays as the home page.If you change back
the original, it does the bypass thing again.

It acts like, whatever page you have set as the home page
when we installed Pro, it sort of latched onto that page, and
bypasses it and ALWAYS goes to the set member options

It is very odd. :slight_smile: