S2member pro integrate with constant contact


I want the members signing up on the website using s2member pro to automatically get signed up for my constant contact account as well.

Is that possible?

To the best of my knowledge, It’ll require custom coding using s2Member API Notifications

You can create a notification handler for the required event and can trigger custom actions/routines as per your requirements.

A sample notification handler is shown here → https://s2member.com/kb-article/building-an-api-notification-handler-webhook/

It may also require Constant Contact API (see their docs) for adding the user to the list server.

If you’re not familiar with coding, you may need the help of a developer to get it done.

@rajeevedmonds is correct except replace "It may also require Constant Contact API " with “It will require code for the Constant Contact API”.

You can PM for contact details if you do need a developer. I’ve done several projects with s2Member Notifications connections to APIs, however, I have not worked specifically with the Constant Contact API.

This is a huge disappointment for us! Many clients use CC and to have this be unavailable could, to be honest, push me into another membership program. Sorry, S2Member. I’m trying to stick with you, but this one is a tough blow.