S2member pro failing to send new user notification email

Several of my new users have complained about not receiving the new user notification email. I’ve had to create temporary passwords manually to get them to complete the registration process. I ran a test to create a new user and as of 40 minutes, I too have not received the new user notification email to setup my password. Is there an issue with the latest version for this action? How can I resolve this?

Are you sure nothing has changed on your server? It helps to know what your site is built on… shared hosting / VPS / dedicated?
I ask because say you are on VPS or dedicated and using Cpanel (as an example). There are times after a cpanel update it could screw up your SMTP settings. Rare, but def does happen.

In wordpress, did you just update any plugins that control OR do any emailing on it’s own?
Here is a plugin I suggest on just about every WP build I do: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

Notice the download count. In a nutshell it insures your WP uses the proper SMTP provider when sending your emails! I urge you to use this plugin… enter the proper info it asks for and see if that fixes your problem. If not, then post back here… Will try to return & help.

But without more info about your install and what you are using it’s like taking shots in the dark.

I was using WP Email SMTP but it had an error. I updated the plugin and that resolved the error and the problem. Thanks for the assistance.