S2member Pro doesn't work with Clickbank

Here’s what Clickbank told me after I presented them my case:
S2member used to work with Clickbank, for a while. Then I noticed refunds and no new sales. What happened? well, s2member stopped working.

Here’s what used to happen when it worked:
Someone buys from my website, users get sent to Clickbank order form. After paying, they get 3 emails.

  1. Clickbank email with receipt and URL to access the product. works OK
  2. email from me with unique tiny URL to create account. It’s never sent.
  3. email from me congratulations and copy of the instructions to follow to create their account and URL to login in case they miss the access.

They never get emails from me. and it used to work. what could change?

Clickbank answered this:

" I’ll do what I can, this is not a feature that Clickbank supports directly.
The code itself doesn’t update very often, and we’ve not changed ANY of our parameters.
For Clickbank’s end.

I am sorry for any trouble but it seems s2member is simply not up to date for the current Clickbank offerings in 2022.
That URL they provided will not work.
Then that would mean that something was mucked up along the installation of the tool!

I am glad that you can change product name now. Your thank you page should not be able to be submitted with the phrase Clickbank.
Your url for the thank you page has the word Clickbank in it.
The page shouldn’t allow that submission on our end! Nothing you need to fix "

So what are the parameters that are being used?
These are copy-pasted in s2member options from Clickbank settings.

Clerk API key from master account. API-AMP50A--------1N5R775LMSJ9
(Clickbank Account Settings) |Developer API Keys |S2Member Connect: DEV-H42D----------96CT4E11

IPN instant payment notification copy-pasted as instructions (see screenshot)

ClickBank Thank-You Page Integration (required) set as the following:

I don’t know what other information you guys need, but I’m kind of disappointed with updating stuff every now and then after refunds. This was working, nothing has changed and without notice it’s bugged. No emails are sent. People buy and doesn’t get a thing. That’s scam and I feel bad about it.

What can I do?

check screenshot

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for reporting that. How long did you use it without trouble before this started happening? s2 didn’t change anything with their integration, and if they didn’t either, it should still work fine.

I see you have logging enabled. Could you look up the entries for one of the payments that had that behavior? I’d like to see if there are any errors mentioned there. WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Log Files

Are other emails from your site going out successfully, or no email is going out? https://s2member.com/kb-article/troubleshooting-email-delivery-problems/

In the reply you got from CB, he says that the thank-you URL should not mention ClickBank. This is not something I was aware of, must have changed recently, but if the system is accepting it, then it would be using it. There are hundreds of sites using the CB integration without trouble, so I don’t know if this is behind your problem, but I’ll look into improving it, probably changing “clickbank” for “cb” in the URL.