s2Member Pro disappeared

I have a single site pro license and haven’t changed anything on my site for a while. I got an email from someone trying to sign up for my membership today and they couldn’t because the pro forms were just displaying the short code on the screen.

My plugin now just says s2member framework, not s2member pro and I can’t download an s2member pro plugin in Wordpress. I see an option to purchase s2Member pro, and when I go into that, it recognizes my account, but I did that years ago. Any ideas?



One more bit of info here…

When I am on my Wordpress dashboard and I click on “Upgrade” it takes me to upgrade to the pro version ($89) and I am logged into my account on the s2member website. If I log into my account in the s2member website without going through my wordpress dashboard and go to upgrade, it offers me the multi site license for $100 (since I already purchased pro).


Bumping this to the top. No help from WP Sharks support so far.