s2Member Pro - CSV Import / Export - German "Umlauts"

Hi everyone!

As You may have heard, many European countries have special characters.- in this case it’s Germany.

We have some “Umlauts” ( “ä”, “ö”, “ü” ) and the “ß”.

I have to import a bigger list of users to a new website and tried this according to the docs ans hints.
Works fine so far but: all datafields containing Umlauts or “ß” stay empty.

The special Characters are used very often in geman langauge, so it would be very important, to get this to work.
Do You have any tips how I could configure s2Member to allow the Import of these characters?

Best regards and many thanks!

I believe this is a WordPress issue and not s2Member. I did import nearly 17,000 records into WordPress using s2Member Pro and did not have any problem with diacritical marks. However, when editing where a user last name had a mark, it would not save and would showed an error. In my research, it is a WP issue. I’m pretty sure I used a test WP site without s2Member to verify that. I had to remove the apostrophes, mostly in my case. O’Brien became O Brien. I added a message on the form where people would be joining to skip the characters.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and helping, Jim! :slight_smile:

Hallo Hans!

I see. Could you tell me what fields you were you trying to import with those characters? Were those in the username, or other fields? Usernames in WP are restrictive.

When you create the user from WP Admin > Users > Add New, can you enter those values without issue? Is the problem also there, or is it different than with the importer?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: