s2Member + PayPal + Mailchimp

I’ve recently taken over the management of a WordPress site that uses s2Member, PayPal, and Mailchimp. They are not configured well and, therefore, do not integrate. What I mean by that is that a new member uses the Paypal button to sign up and that comes back to s2member. However, nothing ever seems to update Mailchimp. So, they are doing some weird export from s2Member then import into Mailchimp each month to send out our newsletter.

I’ve been researching how to fix this but have not been having much luck. I found a tutorial last year on how to make this happen but, now that I have a staging environment setup, I cannot find it. Everything I find on the topic is 6 - 8 years old.

Can anyone point me to resources to help get me up to speed? I find the s2Member documentation to be lacking unless you are looking to do the simplest of configurations.


Check out Krum’s plugin: