S2member paypal button create problem

I am getting error of Uncaught ReferenceError: ws_plugin__s2member_paypalButtonGenerate is not defined in chrome.
please the ways to resolve these as soon as possible.

I have second theme on live and i dont change that theme

See https://www.s2member.com/forums/topic/cannot-generate-paypal-buttons-2/
See https://s2member.com/kb-article/mod-security-odd-403-503-500-errors/

Is this a new installation of s2member or was it working previously and it just stopped working?

No actually.
and it is working fine with twenty themes.

i have read both these articles.But could not get that how can i reach to that thing which is conflicting and generating this issue.
So could you please help me out. Like i have checked my plugin by deactivating and activating each one by one but No could not able to resolve that.

Hit F12 key on your keyboard to bring up the browser debug tools. Go to the console and see what errors you are getting. It is likely a Javascript file not getting loaded.

Yeah i have checked that log also.
Chrome is giving : admin.php?page=ws-plugin–s2member-paypal-buttons:569 Uncaught ReferenceError: ws_plugin__s2member_paypalButtonGenerate is not defined
at HTMLInputElement.onclick
And FireFox is giving : /wp-admin/admin.php was not loaded because its MIME type, “text/html”, is not “text/css”.
with the above error also.

i am getting where and how to resolve it.

Nothing … ???we got??

Is that a question?

Yeah actually i am getting nthing to solve this.
Can you help me…

A Google search of this error as it relates to s2member or other plugins leads to the tech support punting it as a theme issue. Have you raised the issue with your theme supplier?

No actually we have designed this theme by our own by the previous developer on this project.
And the theme is developed to whole the website. So it is really getting difficult to find the loophole in theme.
If you suggest any way to find it so i can try that also.

To solve this problem you need to try to sort out why JavaScript is not getting loaded. If you have a techie who wrote your theme you should be able to debug this shouldn’t you?

Actually i dont have that team member yet. and i have tried to uncomment all the script tag also but did not get any solution.:frowning:

Sorry…Javascript load error is a techie issue to solve.