S2member password protected registration

I want to use s2member to manage member registration and page restriction without requiring payment (users are current members of an organization) and also without leaving open registration to the public. I was considering using Member Registration Access Links but those are one time use. I would like to password protect a page with a link to the registration form. Perhaps I am going in the wrong direction with s2member. any suggestions are much appreciated.

Hi Landon.

Do you have s2Member Pro or the Framework only?

You could put a free registration pro-form in a password protected page, for example.

Why wouldn’t member registration links work? because it’d be more work?

If you have s2Member Pro, the users importer may be useful, then you just import them all in bulk, while keeping registration closed.

I’m trying to think of a way with just the framework, but other than open registration and then reviewing each account, which would be similar in work as to generating the links, I don’t know of a bulk way…