S2member list displaying telephone number as date

I have a text field for phone that uses the 10 digits w/possible hyphens, spaces, brackets validation. Problem is when someone enters no dashes, spaces or brackets, the number will display as a date in the directory. Is there any way to either require a paticular format?

I found the solution. https://ivanpetermann.com/portfolio/masks-form-fields/. This plugin works great. After installing the plugin add the class phone_us to the s2member profile field.

I’ve added phone_us in the CSS classes attached to the phone in the Registration Profile Fields and Options. I’m new to this and don’t have an understanding of what other modifications I need to do. Yes, I did install and activate the plugin. Can someone with a greater understanding help a newbie?

Hey there Louise!

When you configure custom fields via s2member settings, there is an option in the long custom field form to add CSS fields to the form. That’s what the OP meant - it’s as simple as adding “phone_us” (without the quotation marks) to the CSS field in the custom field settings.

I just did this - and it didn’t automatically mask previously added data, but now for any new members - or members updating their information via the [s2Member-Profile /] shortcode, that information will be properly formatted (###) ###-####.

If you have a lot of users you need to update before this will display cleanly, I think you might be best served exporting the data, editing it to be properly formatted, then importing it again.