S2Member Level 1 Users Count Vs Paypal Count and some other issues

Hello everyone,

I am new to this community, so I would like to first say “Hi and Hello” to all of you. I hope everyone here is doing fine and staying safe and healthy.

I have been using S2Member plugin for several years now and it has been a good experience so far. In the beginning, a developer helped me with the plugin setup and fixed any issues from time to time. Now that the developer is no longer available to work on my site, I am trying to understand the plugin and fix any issues myself. But being a non-techie/non-developer guy, I am finding it a little hard when it comes to fixing the issues myself.

Well, hereunder are a few issues I am facing right now and am looking for your help to find suitable answers:

  1. The users count on S2Member Level 1 in my dashboard shows higher than the actual subscribers count I see on my Paypal account. For example: If the Level 1 users count is 700, the Paypal count shows only 230. I am not sure why the Paypal subscribers count is so low when the actual number of level-1 users count is high in the dashboard.

  2. I sometimes get emails from subscribers that even after they initiated the cancellation. of the membership, (I am using monthly recurring membership), they are still being charged.

  3. If a subscriber cancels the membership, he/she is not able to access the download files though the month-cycle has not completed. To be precisely clear, if a user signs*up on 1st of the month and cancels the membership on 10th of the same month, he’s not able to access the files for the remaining 20 days of the month. Such ex-subscribers often ask me that they still have 20 days remaining to access the files, given the membership is for a whole one month.

  4. The developer who setup my plugin gave me shortcode to add two buttons in my post to restrict file download. For a non-logged-in user, the shortcode shows ONLY the first button that directs him/her to to sign-up for the membership while the second button is hidden. If a subscriber signs-up to his/her account, the shortcode shows the second button that allows him/her to download the file, while the first button is hidden. This works fine like a charm so far. However, I am using Elementor Pro now and would like to use this kind of “hide-show” button setup on the actual Elementor Buttons.

I guess some of the issues may sound basic, but since I am still new and learning the plugin, I request your help.

Thank yo so much,