S2Member keeps logging out members on Safari iPhone


I need some help with this very unusual issue. Members are complaining that they are being logged out when they try to access any member-specific pages. Unusual thing is that it’s only happen I on Safari browser on iPhone. I tried chrome on iphone and it did not log me out.

It only happens for S2MEMBER users. When I use administrator credentials, safari does not log me out.

Hi Attiq.

That’s very unusual. You said s2Member users, but they’re really just WordPress users. s2Member doesn’t manage the WordPress login sessions.

What tests have you done? Could you tell me the steps to reproduce this behavior, please?

I hope you have a great Christmas. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, I can give you S2Member username and password for the site and you can check it on an iphone. Honestly tho, I don’t know how you can reproduce it on your end.

All I have done is test different login details on different browsers

administrator does not logout on any device/browser.
S2Member does not logout on chrome/any device.
S2Member logs out on iphone safari browser.