s2Member functionality/pre-sale question

Our company runs a website where we use WooCommerce to sell films that go along with our software. As of right now, it is set up so that you must have a membership to the software (using the WooCommerce Membership and Subscription plugins) to add our films to the cart, otherwise the films’ “Add To Cart” button is replaced with a message that only members can purchase it.

Our goal is to allow the users to add the films to their cart without a membership, but force the membership into their cart and make them purchase it with the film. Ideally, they would also be able to choose between the multiple types of memberships we offer as well. Is there any way we could go about this using s2Member?

I know this is all a little confusing, so feel free to tell me if anything needs clarification.

Hi Owen.

I’m sorry to say that s2’s access can’t be sold with WooCommerce yet. So it doesn’t sound like it’s what you’re looking for…

Or are you planning to leave that implementation and create a new one? In that case, maybe you could sell everything with s2Member.

I think that for you, if everything else is already working the way you want it, it may be easier to find how to customize that last bit.

Not sure if that makes sense, maybe I just didn’t understand your situation. Please feel free to provide more info to clarify it.