S2member Error #10752. Gateway Decline. This transaction cannot be processed

People who try to start a membership at my site (myfishingcapecod.com/start) are receiving this error when they use Santander, Eastern Bank and Cape Cod Cooperative cards (and possibly other bank cards that I’m not aware of). Other payment options such as my American Express credit card still work.

The issue is also affecting current members of my website who are trying to update their billing. The initial charge of $1 or $9.99 is successful, but then the creation of a recurring payment profile fails. It appears something is being rejected at the bank level.

I have been running this site for 10 years and just started encountering this error over the summer. I hired a developer to fix this, but he was unable to figure it out. Here is what he reported to me…

Hey Ryan to summarize what I did

  • I went through the variables and made sure it wasn’t sending all the data correctly. Everything is passing through fine,
  • Modified the data array to test different expiration formats and still didn’t work
  • Logged into his dev account and regenerated API keys as well as made sure all the permissions are correct.
  • It appears to be creating the payment without an issue but it’s rejecting the subscription for certain banks.

We can track that error to this right here https://support.chargebee.com/support/solutions/articles/220096-error-10752-transaction-cannot-be-processed-what-s-going-on-

Which states that it is either a banking issue or product issue, since we are not working with products directly in paypal that leads me to believe it’s some type of debit issue where the bank is rejecting certain direct pay debit cards.

A workaround would be possibly using another subscription plugin, my personal recommendation would be Restrict Content Pro. If you wanted I could help integrate that

Any ideas for how I can fix this? The thought of moving to a different membership plugin scares me. It would be terrific to continue using s2 if possible.

Thank you team!

Hi Ryan,

That’s an error I don’t remember seeing before…

I’m guessing you’re using PayPal. What account type? Standard buttons, Express Checkout, PayPal Pro, Pro PayFlow Edition?

It seems to be a security thing on PayPal’s side, or the card issuing bank. For some reason, the transaction wasn’t deemed safe and to be processed. I found this article from PayPal, that pretty much says what the one you linked to said, but with a bit more: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/why-did-i-get-api-error-code-10752-ts1103

(I’m quoting it here for future reference, because PayPal’s articles have a tendency to disappear after some time…)

Why did I get API error code 10752?

PayPal returned API error code 10752 - The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal. The merchant should attempt payment with another card.

Possible causes of this error include:

  • There was a problem with the security code or Address Verification System (AVS) code on the card.
  • There is a problem with the buyer.
  • The card issuer denied the transaction.
  • The transaction was considered to be too high-risk.

Inspect the Card Verification Value (CVV2) and AVS codes that are returned along with the 10752 error. To understand the meanings of the various CVV2 and AVS codes, visit our AVS and CVV2 Response Codes page.

If the buyer’s transaction has been denied, the buyer may still be able to complete the transaction by using a different card.

Note : To help secure online payments, PayPal uses analytical safeguards to identify patterns of high-risk transaction behavior in our system. From time to time, these complex security measures may affect some accounts and credit cards in good standing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

It’s not a problem with the membership plugin, the plugin has no effect on this behavior. This is happening on PayPal’s side. I think you’d get the same behavior regardless of the plugin, if you keep using the same gateway.

You could add a message to the payment page, saying that if the payment doesn’t go through, they should double-check the card details they entered, and if it still doesn’t work, to try a different card. And you could probably mention the types of cards that are known to have given trouble in the past.

Another (probably better) thing to try, is a different payment gateway (e.g. Stripe). But each gateway will have its security checks and measures, and thresholds. There is quite a bit of stolen cards and frauds going on online, and gateways and banks keep tightening measures.

You could have both gateways available, too. Then the user can try one, and if no luck, the other. We have Stripe and PayPal on our site, for example, and many users that can’t pay with one, succeed with the other.

Does that make sense?


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Thank you very much for the quick reply. I really appreciate it!

I hadn’t thought about switching payment gateways, so I think I will give Stripe a try next. I’m currently using PayPal Pro.

My only question is for current members of my website who already have a PayPal recurring profile. These people, when they try updating their billing, also encounter the 10752 error.

If I start using Stripe, then they will not be able to update their PayPal profile, correct? Should I have them fill out a different form that cancels their old PayPal profile and creates a new one in Stripe? Instead of using a typical billing update form?

Thanks again for the helpful reply.

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Yeah. If they create a new subscription over at Stripe, they should end the one over at PayPal. There’s a cancellation pro-form, too. WP admin > s2Member Pro > PayPal Pro-forms > Billing Cancellation

Although if the card is not working with PayPal, that’s not gonna go anywhere, and will eventually end by itself, because of not valid card in profile, or number of failed attempts to charge the card…

If the user is doing fine with PayPal, keep that subscription going there, of course. It’s a pain having users migrate from one to the other, and some are lost on the way, so it’s better to not bother them if not needed. If someone can’t pay you through PayPal, though, then of course it’s best to have the alternative to try keeping the subscriber.


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Using Stripe solved the issue - fantastic!

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Wonderful! Thanks for the update!