S2member changing prices for existing members

I want to be able to offer my existing members a significantly reduced fee or payment holiday to remain subscribers during this pandemic period because my content production has been compromised. How can I achieve this? I currently only sell one level of subscription with a monthly or yearly payment option. Any ideas? Kind regards Brian Gay

Consider offering a coupon. You can decide the discount amount.

Thanks. What I have done for the time being is suspended further subs payments as I won’t be able to produce and new material for several months ahead now.

@brianv2v1 - I am assuming that you suspended payments within the PayPal/Stripe/Other gateway? I am not aware of a suspend feature within S2Member. Just clarifying out of curiosity. Keep in mind that if you have your subscriptions set up as opt-out (that is auto-renewal) renewals will still churn on I would think wouldn’t they?