S2Member and Bitcoin integration

I want to add a Bitcoin account to S2member so I can have this as a payment option, however I dont want it to go throu Stripe I want is direct. How do you do this

Hi Mark.

Bitcoin is not available even through Stripe anymore, they have dropped it some months ago.

To add a gateway, you’ll need to create the new integration. I’d recommend looking at how the other gateway integrations were done and base it off of that. Or you can use s2’s Remote Operations and Notifications APIs for your customization.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, what a stupid this for s2member to do…

Yeah, we were also sorry to see Stripe drop support for it… https://stripe.com/blog/ending-bitcoin-support


We want to rebuild the s2 interface for gateways in the future, to integrate many new gateways, and will look at how to add bitcoin support again, without relying on Stripe for it.

That’s a fantastic idea for an add on @clavaque! I believe there’s lots of users who’d pay you for an add on that allows us to accept crypto without using a payment processor (not only bitcoin, but also smaller ones with lower transaction costs and more suitable for micro transactions and small subscription payments), but directly through your plugin.