S2Member accessibility revisited

Hello, it’s your friendly pest yet again. A recent Chrome update seems to have partially broken S2Member’s accessibility on 1 of my sites, using a screen reader called NVDA. Specifically, the ‘submit’ button on the Paypal pro form was not being read to logged-in users. I was looking at the code to see if I could determine why, ie, if there was source code that might need fixing, & 1 of the things I noticed was an explicit setting on that button of tabindex=600.

I would respectfully request that you please read the following article regarding how to properly use the tabindex attribute, and, when possible, begin implementing those practices in future plugin updates so that hopefully this won’t happen again.

Also, the Paypal Pro button is not explicitly labeled, ie, all a screen reader user hears is the very uninstructive word “button”, thus s/he doesn’t know precisely what that button is. It would be good if you folks would please consider at least showing a label of “paypal”.

Thanks for your consideration.

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