S2file shortcode for JW player alternative with RTMP

Hit a bit of a wall so I’d appreciate any assistance on how I can get over it.

I’m attempting to use any html5 player to use RMTP’s service. My amazon s3/cloudfront is setup and working correctly. Direct links such as:

[s2File download=‘comp.mp4’ download_key=‘yes’ stream=‘yes’ inline=‘yes’]

Work great if I insert it into a link and the video loads on click in a new window. I’m attempting to stream locally through another player though. I’ve tried several solutions but here’s the major hurdle(s):

  1. If I use another wordpress video player plugin, the s2file shortcode doesn’t output the URL within the shortcode (I also added the “outerbridge nested shortcodes” plugin so a shortcode could work within a shortcode with no luck).

  2. I loaded the VideoJS html5 player locally and tested it accurately, when attempting to insert the shortcode, it again doesn’t generate the URL within the page (just leaves the shortcode as-is). I also attempted to insert the outputted URL from the standalone shortcode into the “src” field of the videojs just to review compatibility and that failed as well. Other local videos play fine FYI

So what I’m hoping for is a few examples from the community where they used an alternative player (preferably self-hosted) and were able to insert the s2file shortcode accurately? Good bet I may also be missing some local variables to the shortcode to grant accurate permissions?

Any guidance/assistance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I love the VideoJS API and use it for advanced JS stuff when I need it (hosted unprotected on S3 or CloudFront), but mostly I use Vimeo and referring domain protection.

Have to say, though, that I only use that API when third party requirements mandate it and I can’t convince them otherwise (a government, for example).

As mobile traffic makes up more than 50% on most sites and mobile HTML5 video players seem to ignore most JS AND mobile users tend to get distracted and come back to the page later, expiring links are just an inconvenience to paying users.

Last I spoke to @clavaque about this, I think he’s looking into prioritizing and working on this based on user requests, but personally I think it’s an outdated way of looking at video consumption and there’s more important issues to tackle.

Hosted solutions like ClickFunnels recommend to use YouTube private videos for video content (and Russell Brunson hosts his videos that way).

I just don’t think that assuming our paying customers are thieves is the best growth mindset.

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