S2EoT still shows next payment after cancelling for Stripe

On a setup with recurring payments, if I use the Stripe cancel form, then the S2EoT shortcode still shows that there is a next payment rather than showing an expiration date. The user profile in the WordPress Admin section also shows no automatic EoT time.

However if I go to our page with the Update Billing Information form on it for Stripe, it says that I have no recurring payments anymore.

Is there a way I can tell if the payment is actually still recurring, and how to either get the S2EoT to display the correct state or fix the cancellation form?

Hi James.

Please enable logging if you haven’t already, to help get more info about these. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

Test again the subscription (even a 10 cent one is fine for the tests) and cancellation. Look for all the relevant entries in the different log files. Was the cancellation communicated to s2, and was there anything wrong mentioned?

Is there a way I can tell if the payment is actually still recurring

In your Stripe account you should be able to see the subscriptions. Here, if I’m not mistaken: https://dashboard.stripe.com/subscriptions