S2 overriding the paypal API username

I am setting up API. S2 keeps over-riding the API username with the WP login username and will not save the correct API username…

I have disabled all plugins and returned theme back to twenty-twenty…it still over-rides my manual input in the API username…everything else is fine…

When you say “API Username” are you referring to the plugin auto-update license box that shows up when the plugin has been updated and it wants you to enter your license key?

It is under paypal options in S2 where you input the api username, password, signature. I tested several things. Loaded a fresh install on a completely different server, it was fine. When I loaded a new install on the same server as this one, it would not let me input the correct API username. I tried in chrome and brave. So I went to Firefox…Lo and behold, when I checked the Paypal options using that browser, the correct API showed as should be… Somewhat baffled why other browsers would not let me correct. Even cleared all cookies and history and updated chrome. Go figure…Would be nice to understand what the problem was but really happy at least that firefox is showing correctly.

If you hit the F12 key on your browser you ill get a debugging window. If you click the console tab you can see if there are any javascript errors. If you click the network tab you can see if any important resources are not getting delivered to the browser. Usually when you have a problem on Chrome that works on Firefox it is because Chrome can get picky about browser / server interactions that trigger their security no-no list.

Glad it’s working for you. Would be interested to know what if any Javascript / network errors you got via Chrome that you did NOT get using Firefox.

heere is what I got Tim…


When you refer to “When I loaded a new install on the same server as this one, it would not let me input the correct API username.” what does “the same server as this one” mean? Are you saying that when you install it on a remote server it works but when you install it on your local computer it does not?

Could you be more explicit it where it works and does not work:

eg. Shared-hosting / Dev server works but Local install on my computer (WAMP?) does not work.

Sure Tim…I have a client that I uploaded the WP install and S2 using his godaddy login account with chrome. That is where the trouble started but only when I was finishing inserting the paypal api info which it did not let me over-write the username section in any way shape or form…So I created a new install on one of my own websites which is a totally different account and used the same api info I had gotten to setup his api info and there was absolutely no problem with inputting the correct api username. I even created another completely clean install on his account again using a subdomain and had the same problem… Both accounts are shared hosting. Hope this clarifies things. :slight_smile:

Cheers Marie. We’ll just have to chalk this one up as one of those tech mysteries. To solve it would require a detailed tech analysis of that user’s setup. Based on the information you have provided and a review of the code there is no reason there should be a problem. If it works with Firefox and does not work with Chrome then I would suspect Javascript or security nuances.

Thanks for taking the time to try to help track it down further. Glad it works for you via Firefox :slight_smile:

I am having this same problem. I did check Firefox and the settings are correct in that browser. I reentered and saved the correct information just to be sure. Cleared my cache in Chrome and re-checked. The information showing in Chrome is still incorrect and when I did a test payment it went into the sandbox account so payments are being directed to the information showing in the Chrome settings.

So are you saying it works fine for you using Firefox but does not work fine when you use Chrome?