S2 Member Restriction (Per Project)

Hi Everyone,
I kindly need assistance/advice on this.

I have two sites Site A(Main Site) & Site B(Portal Website with the downloads & S2 member plugin)
Site A Has multiple projects, each project has a “download to view” button, Once a person clicks on the
button it will take them to the portal website with the restricted content.

What I want to find out is if its possible to restrict a person ONLY to the project they want to view?
or is there some sort of setting I can have to notify me which projects the client is viewing?

WordPress does not have the concept of “Project”. s2member can only protect standard WordPress content types: media, pages, posts, custom posts etc. You can protect a “project” if it is a custom post type.

Thanks you for your response, Much appreciated.

Each “Project” in this case is in its own page,

So what I would like to find out is if it is possible to know or get some sort of notification on which “page” a person is viewing with the S2 Member?

S2member does not have a feature to notify you when someone is viewing a page.

You can configure s2member to restrict people to only look at certain pages.