S2 Member Pro with Newsletter Pro subscription integration inconsistent

I’ve purchased both Newsletter Pro and S2 Member Pro and am having some challenges getting the S2 Member subscribers to show up in my Newsletter Pro subscriber database without having the member have to subscribe separately or without having to export and import members and subscribers.

Any ideas on how I can make this more automated and reliable?

You need to find out how a Newsletter Pro subscription is registered. Is it, perhaps, by some form of metadata?

Then use WP’s set_user_role hook to add the metadata (or whatever) so that each member is automatically subscribed to the newsletter when s/he signs up for an s2Member level.

To answer your question honestly I have no idea - that’s for a whole other pay grade, so I think that’s my cue to go have someone fix it for me or develop a patch so I can simply add it and fix it for each of my sites, as I’ll be using this combo a lot going forward.

Thanks for your time and thought into this, it’s definitely appreciated.

You can check out our integration with s2Member plugin and our Newsletter plugin. It works very well, see it here: https://tribulant.com/extensions/view/32/s2member-subscribers

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