S2 Member Pro and unlimited membership levels

I hope someone at WP Shark can help me. I help run a website for a number of not for profit martial arts clubs in Scotland. I persuaded the owner to upgrade to S2 Member Pro on the basis that this would make the creation of around 14 different membership levels possible. The promotional material suggests this would work.
He needs about 14 because he’s got dojos back open face to face now, which charge more than dojos which are still training through Zoom. The total number of levels is now 14, well above the four levels OOTB S2 Member can handle.
I’ve installed S2 Member successfully and have edited the config.php file with the define(“MEMBERSHIP*LEVELS”, 14); code.

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But I can’t see any information/ documentation on what I do now. I set up PayPal buttons for my original four groups/ levels using S2 member’s free version, and that worked well.

But now where I’m expecting to see a similar kind of dialogue to create the additional 10 levels, there is no dialogue/ form and it’s not clear how I generate a way for the customer to pay on Paypal for the appropriate monthly amount.

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We don’t have PayPal Pro, and have no intention of offering credit card payments through any route apart from PayPal as we want to keep this as simple as possible. Does anyone out there have an simple information on how to set up multiple membership levels, and then generate ways to get paid through PayPal? Something which doesn’t assume lots of knowledge of shortcodes etc but explains step by step and preferably with screengrabs so I can ensure I don’t miss a step!

I’ve installed S2 Member Pro and have followed the instruction to edit the config.php file as covered by the documentation. But there’s doesn’t seem to be any documentation on the next steps?

Hi Stephen.

If you edited your wp-config.php correctly, saved it, and uploaded it to your site, then refresh your s2 options page and see if you now get the number of levels you set. WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Membership Levels/Labels

To sell the access to these other levels, you’d use button shortcodes as you did for the first levels, but with the attributes updated to the new level number, the description, the pricing, etc. You can edit the shortcode manually, or use the button generator to create the new ones. The shortcode attributes are explained here: WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Buttons > Shortcode Attributes

PayPal Pro is not a requirement, you can keep using the PayPal Standard buttons, no problem.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks for this, Cristian. It all worked when I went back and double-checked the new wp config file, and found a glitch in the code. Next step for me is to get my head round Pro-Forms and see if using that is more valuable/ useful to me and my members than sticking with my current basic method of PayPal Standard buttons.