S2 Member Paypal Issues

My Sandbox Paypal works as expected. I then changed the four fields: my Paypal Email Address, My Paypal Password, My Paypal signature and I turn sandbox mode off. So that i could start testing the live version. I get the paypal error “we’re sorry, things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later” when i click on my paypal button. I get no log unless i turn on encrypted buttons on the s2 member end in which case i get an error (i get the same error whether or not i turn of the encrypted button on paypal’s end too).The error output string when the encryption button on s2member is on is

array (
‘TIMESTAMP’ => ‘2020-01-07T12:25:25Z’,
‘CORRELATIONID’ => ‘7df546c240301’,
‘ACK’ => ‘Failure’,
‘VERSION’ => ‘71.0’,
‘BUILD’ => ‘53816562’,
‘L_ERRORCODE0’ => ‘10002’,
‘L_SHORTMESSAGE0’ => ‘Restricted account’,
‘L_LONGMESSAGE0’ => ‘Account is restricted’,
‘L_SEVERITYCODE0’ => ‘Error’,
‘__error’ => ‘Error #10002. Restricted account. Account is restricted.’,
Here are my current plugins I deactivated most of them to test to see if they were the culprits but I haven’t deactivated the ones currently activated and attempted testing as they are basically a necessity.

This suggest i’ve put in settings somewhere wrong, im fairly certain my credidentials were input correctly but I cant debug it with encryption off as i get no s2member log for some strange reason. Any help would be appreciated!

This has been resolved, I went through every debug scenario I could think of and finally rang paypal. Paypal had placed various account restrictions on my account without me being aware and my account had no notifications of this, that is my account was saying no restrictions but when a paypal representative checked my account there were restrictions.