S2 Member not adding to Mailchimp lists

I have added the API and List IDs, but new users are not being integrated into my mailing list. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Is your single / double optin setting in S2Member aligned with your MailChimp setting?

Hi Tim, I’m also not having any success with MC integration. I’ve set up a MC account, obtained the API key and the list ID and saved them in S2, and in both S2 and MC I said Yes for double opt-in.
I’ve also set up Paypal sandbox and can successfully create a new level 1 member (The new user was prompted to register and set password, and in the end I can see the new member appear in WP Users).
But, nothing seems to be happening in MC, the new user doesn’t appear. Are there any more steps that I may have missed?
My new WP website is currently being run on my local machine, using Local by Flywheel, but I used their “live link” to create a temporary URL (ngrok.io), as I thought maybe that might be necessary for the communication with MC.
Thank-you for any insights!

A local server will / should have blocked, severely constrained or limited inbound traffic for security reasons.

Don’t test any remote service that requires inbound traffic. S2member requires a message to be returned to the server from PayPal to acknowledge the transaction. Your local setup is likely not letting that message through so the user is not getting promoted to a higher level role and getting put into the MC list.

Do your testing of remote services on a staging server on your host not on your local computer. A local computer install is useful for content authoring, graphic design and UX design along with custom coding only.

Yes, that was the issue, I needed to be on a real live site (“live link” in Local by Flywheel wasn’t good enough).
Thank-you so much!

No problemo :slight_smile: