S2 Member has disappeared from my WP Admin dashboard after latest upgrade

Upgraded Multisite to s2Member v190617 (Framework and Pro) and now S2 Member has disappeared from my WP Admin dashboard for my sites. Any ideas why and how to resolve it?

Hi Brian.

Did it disappear from the sidebar, or from your plugins list?

If it’s not in the list, then go check in your wp-content/plugins that it’s there.

If it is in the WP Network Admin > Plugins list, is it active network-wide?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Hi Christian it is missing in the WP Admin sidebar but it is in the plugins list and set to network wide?

Did you apply the patches? Network Admin > s2Member > Multisite WordPress Patches

In the network, is s2Member active? Network Admin > Plugins

In the blog, is s2Member active? Blog Admin > Plugins

Can I see screenshots?


I do still have this issue where the S2Member is not showing up in the Admin menu on my site - I have answered your questions per below:

Thanks for the screenshots.

You’re looking at the Network’s Admin. The s2Member options there are what you showed me.

You see, you have the network of sites, and the sites. You can manage the sites individually, or the network. The screenshots you showed me, are from the network’s admin area. You need to go to the admin for one of the sites in the network, to see all the s2Member options for that site.

To see s2Member’s admin pages, you’d go to one of the blog’s dashboards. In the navigation at the top, click on My Sites, and go to the Dashboard of one of them. There you’ll see s2Member in the navigation too, but it will have all the regular options pages.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: