S2 Member Clickbank Problem


after i set up my right clickbank data, and do a test purchase via clickbank,
this message comes

(my Domainname ) says…

ERROR: Unable to verify $_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”].
Please contact Support for assistance.

If you are the site owner, please check the custom value in your Button Code. It MUST start with your domain name.
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What can I doo ? I really need a clickbank Account thats working with S2 Member. I very sad it isnt working. Iam happy for any held :smiley:

The custom="" value in the s2Member button shortcode must start with your domain name. What is that value and what is your domain name?

okay with the button it works fine. Must i use the button that customers can buy my prducts via clickbank ?

or can i use the direct-produtc link form clickbank

so i have my own button( not an s2 member shortcode button) and the button link to my clickbank product ist this possibel ?

Becuase i sell my product form antoher site. My memberships site is on antoher domain

First, s2Member isn’t really meant for selling products. You can kludge it to do that, but you can’t change the requirement that the sale be coming from the same domain that the user is on: that is a security measure required by the payment gateways.

but the normal lcikbank buttons are not so good, they lock not so good
can i insert the clickbank shortcode i an induviduell button ?

this is the same question i recently asked - and i see there’s no response in 5 years. that means there’s no way to use short codes’ URL result in a regular button?