Running s2Member (Pro) with Cloudflare

My hosting company is recommending that I switch my DNS to Cloudflare. Does s2Member Pro work with Cloudflare, and are there any settings I would need to change? Would my PayPal settings still work? Thanks in advance!

Hi Stephen,

I don’t know that you need a special configuration… We use ClouFlare for our websites.



Thanks Cristian. Is there not an issue with Cloudflare reporting all visitors as originating from the same IP? Or is that an old issue? And if I can ask one more question, did you need to install the Cloudflare WP plugin to get things working? Thanks!

No, we don’t use a plugin for CloudFlare… I haven’t noticed that IPs issue.


I’m guessing your web server has a Cloudflare module like mod_remoteip installed that overrides Cloudflare’s IP with the originating IP? Otherwise all visitors to the site would use Cloudflare’s IP, which would quickly lead to everyone being locked out of the site due to too many login attempts.